How the Current Trust was formed



When the old buildings of the former Malpas War Memorial Institute fell into disrepair, the land was sold to Newport District Council. The Larch Court Sheltered Housing complex was planned to be built on this site. The three Newport Councillors and the two Gwent county Councillors decided that something had to be done to safe-guard the money that Newport Council paid to the existing Trustees for the purchase of this site so that the citizens of Malpas would benefit from it.

The legal departments of Newport District Council and Gwent County Council assisted with the process. Mr David Porter acted for Newport and Mr Johan Valentine Williams for the County.

The Charity Commission was contacted and an agreement was reached that a scheme could be set up to benefit the citizens of Malpas.

The model for the scheme was the Welsh Church Fund. All participants agreed with a wide number of subjects that could be supported. This scheme was submitted to the Charity Commission for approval. During the development of the scheme the appointment of the future Trustees was considered. It was felt that a more robust and permanent solution had to be found. The Charity Commission agreed that the Three Newport Councillors for the Malpas ward would be Trustees and that two further Malpas residents would be co-opted as Trustees. Having the local Councillors on the board of trustees would ensure that there would always be at least three Trustees elected. This would prevent a re-occurrence of the problems with previous Board of Trustees whereby Trustees had died and had not been replaced. The system now in place and agreed by the Charity Commission will give the new trust stability in future years.

The next task was to locate the funds following the purchase by Newport Council. Our MP Paul Flynn supported us in this complicated search. Finally, Mr Burge who acted has Secretary to the old trust passed on all the relevant details and allowed the trust to be set up in its current format.

This was a long and arduous journey, and hundreds of hours have been put into making the trust a success. Everyone involved was determined to ensure that the new trust provided support for the current and future residents of Malpas and that the people of Malpas would continue to benefit from the sacrifices that our predecessors made.


Mr Paul Flynn MP
Mr David Porter
Mr Johan Valentine Williams
Gwent County Council
Councillor Graham Dally
Newport District Councillors
Councillor Mrs Dally
Councillor Mr Morris
Cllr. Peter Davies (Then Secretary of Malpas Labour Party)