Application for Financial Assistance

The rules of the Trust require certain information before any grant can be made. The following notes are provided to help you complete the application form accurately and avoid a delay.


5. If an Individual: Name, Address Telephone Number and designation or office of person(s) who may support the application on your behalf (University or College tutor, Teacher, Social Worker, Priest, Charity Secretary etc) together with a letter by them supporting the application.

If you are requesting a grant for a school, college or university trip, this would be teacher or lecturer organising the trip. A supporting letter must be provided by them.

If this is an event or trip organised by a club or organisation this would be the Secretary or Chair of that organisation

If this is for general support for materials and travel in Further or Higher education then the supporting person should be your course tutor or department head and a supporting letter must be provided by them.

Grants for University expenses are not usually sanctioned until a student has commenced a course. A letter from your school stating that you have been awarded a place is not sufficient.

If you are uncertain as to who the supporting person should be please ring the

7. Details of specific purpose for which this application is made ( All applicants)
To avoid delay please ensure that the specific purpose for this application is made clear.

If the trustees are unclear about information contained in this section it will be returned for clarification. Section 11 allows you to provide further information that will help us decide on your application