Rules of the

Malpas Institute Trust

The Charitable purposes to which the fund may be applied



Providing benefits which are not readily available fro other sources for persons of any age in one or more of the following way

a) The award of scholarships, bursaries, loans or maintenance allowances tenable at any school, college or university or at any other place of learning approved by the trustees, which may if necessary include allowances for dependants.b) The provision of financial assistance, outfits, clothing, tools, instruments or books, or loans to enable pupils or students on leaving school, college or university or at any other place of learning approved by the trustees, to prepare for, or assist their entry into a profession, trade or calling.

c) The award of scholarships or maintenance allowances or loans to enable beneficiaries to travel abroad to pursue their education.

d) The provision or assistance towards the provision of facilities of any kind not normally provided a Local Education Authority, for recreation, social or physical training at school, college, university or at any other place of learning approved by the trustees

e) The provision of financial assistance to enable pupils or students to study music or other arts.

Relief in Need

a) The relief in cases of need of persons who are sick, convalescent, disabled, handicapped, old or infirm, by the provision or payment for items, services or facilities which are calculated to alleviate suffering or assist the recovery of such persons but are not readily available from any other source.

b) The relief either generally or individually of persons who are in a condition of need, hardship or distress, by the making of grants of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce need, hardship or distress of such persons

Social and Recreational

Providing assistance in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation, being facilities that are available generally to the residents of Malpas and that are provided in the interests of social welfare, health and informal education.

Other Charitable Purposes

Contributing to charitable organisations whose purpose is not inconsistent with the provision listed above

Conditions that Apply to the above provision

1. That the administration of the fund be limited to the interest that accrues annually on the Capital* and that such interest be only used for the listed above.

2. That the fund be available only to residents of the electoral division of Malpas who have been resident in the ward for two years prior to the date of the application for assistance

3. That no person or organisation may apply for further assistance from the fund within a period of two years following the original grant.

* The trustees have a duty to ensure that the purchasing power of the Capital sum is maintained